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Tile Flooring Kansas City

​Tile made from tile and mud dates back thousands of years. Although the materials have come a long way – to include porcelain, ceramic and stone – the beauty, versatility and durability of tile flooring are qualities that have kept tile in the forefront of flooring options. Methods and materials may change, but dependability never does. Chances are if you are reading this, you are looking at options for tile installation in Kansas City.

tile flooring installation

Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling has expert tile setters who have years of experience installing (and repairing) tile flooring. Don’t trust your tile floors to anyone else! We can install tile flooring in your bathroom, kitchen, sunroom or an outdoor living space.

There are many benefits of tile flooring:

  • It’s long lasting, especially ceramic and porcelain, but this is only true if they are installed properly. Keep reading to find out several great reasons to hire a pro for installation!
  • You’ll have many choices, of colors, styles and patterns. In addition, tiles can be arranged in infinite combinations to create a truly unique look.
  • Tile is one of the best options to maintain good air quality in your home. There are no chemicals that can be released, and tile doesn’t trap particles such as allergens.
  • Easy care, resists spills and pet stains

Beginning with the all-important subfloor, Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling tile installers will make sure that your tile installation will last for a long time. We’ll use whatever means necessary – backer board, exterior-grade plywood, full-contact sheet vinyl flooring, or concrete with uncoupling membrane – to make sure we get maximum contact.

Admittedly, many people see tile setting as a do-it-yourself weekend project. It certainly is a task that many weekend warriors can tackle themselves, but there are also a lot of reasons to hire a professional tile company:

  • Keeps the product warranty valid – Many tile manufacturers won’t honor their warranties if the tile is not professionally installed. Even if it is faulty, you may have to come out of pocket to repair it.
  • Ensures faster and better installation – Unless you lay tile for a living, it’s going to take you a while to get the hang of it. We set tile every day, so we’re fast and efficient, even with the most complicated design patterns.
  • Purchasing special equipment isn’t necessary – Tools like a wet saw or trowel can be expensive, and you probably won’t use them enough to get your money’s worth. We have all the essential equipment to do your tile installation, apply the grout correctly, and add caulking where necessary.
  • Produces less wasted tile – Again, if you aren’t a pro, you’ll probably mess up a lot in the beginning, wasting tiles. Wasted material equals wasted money.
  • Affords you some bonus services – If you hire a professional tile flooring company, they will remove and dispose of debris, seal off the work area to prevent dust from getting everywhere, and they will clean up the mess after the job is done.

Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling is the most experienced, dependable tile flooring installer in the area. Call us today to see what incredible designs we can come up with for you!  

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