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Mission Remodeling Company

Mission is a diverse area where residents and businesses intersect. Through word-of-mouth referrals, KCBR Design | Remodel has been involved in many kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodels in the Mission area. 

We are one of the few remodeling companies that can do both residential and commercial bathrooms, and we enjoy serving the Mission community.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Mission Bathroom Remodeling

Mission is an authentic crossroads of people living and thriving together, which makes it a popular place for families and businesses.

Mission homes are traditionally small and come in different designs. You may have a character home in Mission that needs some updates, and KCBR Design | Remodel is the best local remodeling company for the job.

Because we work so closely with the Mission community and surrounding areas, we are closely connected with local laws and building codes. We are also a face-to-face business, and our clients get to know our team through the remodeling process. Because KCBR Design | Remodel has a client-focused approach, we enjoy the personal element that being a local business brings.

Your Mission home may need a new bathroom, kitchen, or basement, and KCBR Design | Remodel in-house design and construction team can help you create your dream space regardless of your budget.

We rely on word-of-mouth marketing because when your friends and neighbors tell you about our services, we have done our job well.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Bathroom Renovation Contractor near Mission

Your bathroom is an often-overlooked area of your home, but it can add so much value when updated correctly. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, our team can transform the space into one you love. 

If you choose to overhaul your bathroom completely, our construction team has a neat and unobtrusive demolition process that allows them to also check for unseen damage like existing moisture issues. When we are doing new construction, it’s crucial that it’s done right to ensure longevity. 

Because we have design and construction elements at KCBR Design | Remodel, our clients have more options for customizing their bathrooms. For example, you could have traditional tile and grout flooring or create a custom tile pattern. A popular choice is polished concrete which is easy to clean and gives your bathroom a modern aesthetic. 

KCBR Design | Remodel is one of the few Mission bathroom remodeling companies that can do faux and fine finishes on your bathroom walls. All of our finishes are suitable for a bathroom and easy to clean. 

Storage is another area often overlooked in a bathroom, and our master carpenters can create cabinetry to suit any space.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Mission Kitchen Remodeling

Your Mission kitchen may be small, but with clever design, it can be transformed into a functional and beautiful space that your whole family can enjoy. 

KCBR Design | Remodel design team thrives on challenging spaces encouraging creativity and design skills. They can keep the integrity and character of a room while introducing modern elements that add value to your home. For example, hidden storage in a small kitchen can make the space feel more open and spacious. Lighting and clever seating can also help a small space feel more comfortable. 

If you don’t want to overhaul your entire kitchen, we can suggest what kitchen features to update. Cabinets take up a lot of space, so refinishing them with paint and new fixtures is a fantastic kitchen remodeling project on a budget. Updating your countertops is another simple way to change the feel of your kitchen if you are on a budget. 

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Basement Remodeling in Mission

Traditionally Mission has small homes on large lots, which is why basement remodeling is popular in Mission. 

A basement remodel gives your family extra living space and can increase the value of your home. KCBR Design | Remodel loves the challenge of a basement remodel because each one is different. Clients all have different ideas of how they would like to use their basement space, and our design and construction team are up to the challenge of creating something unique that suits their needs. 

When we do a construction project, we build to last. That means our construction team will inspect your basement for existing water issues like mold and leaks and even check your outside foundation. They will install a vapor barrier to ensure your new basement is watertight. 

Many basements have unfinished walls that often have a wavy appearance. But KCBR Design | Remodel has the expertise and design savvy to cover those walls with wooden slats or metal strips. From recessed lighting to baseboard heating and even widening doorways, KCBR Design | Remodel knows the best tips and tricks for maximizing and customizing a basement space.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Add Value to your Mission Home with KCBR

KCBR Design | Remodel is a local business that enjoys serving our local community. Our team loves Kansas City and surrounding areas as much as we do, and they put their heart and dedication into every remodel. 

If you want to learn more about how KCBR Design | Remodel serves the Mission area, contact us for a free one-hour consultation and home evaluation. 

“Your Project, Our Passion”