"Your Project, Our Passion"

Meet the Team

“Your Project, Our Passion”

We have a professional team of project managers, designers and skilled craftsmen ready to create your dream space and deliver the highest level of care and customer service, creating an exceptional experience and outstanding project outcome. Trust, quality, purpose, communication and growth are just a few of the core values we share as a team.

Anthony, Owner

Anthony, Owner

Anthony is an entrepreneur at heart. Fueled with a solid work ethic and passion for creating transformation, he got his start as a sole proprietor at an early age. Throughout his career Anthony has had the chance to develop skills in a wide range of areas including landscaping, flipping homes, and residential remodeling.

His love of residential remodeling and talent for process development is what led to the evolution of KCBR Design|Remodel. Anthony enjoys the transformation, challenges and teamwork opportunities that residential remodeling offers.

 He is enthusiastic about personal and professional growth; not only for himself, but for his colleagues as well. When he is not working, Anthony’s focus is on family. His favorite thing is exploring Kansas City with his wife and daughters. He is always up for an adventure and enjoys meeting new people. He has an infectious sense of humor and enjoys making his colleagues laugh with the occasional “dad joke”. 

Abby, Owner and Office Manager

Abby has always been the number one supporter of Anthony and KCBR since the company first started. Equipped with a background in marketing and recruiting, Abby officially joined the KCBR Remodel team in 2020.

She has a wide range of talents including sales, networking, public relations, and design. Abby most enjoys being a resource to the KCBR Remodel team and stretching her creative abilities in the areas of marketing and branding.

Abby wears many hats at KCBR, and she wears them all very well! Outside of work Abby’s focus is also family time with Anthony and their two daughters. She most enjoys visiting parks, taking long walks, and delighting in the simple things in life – a good balance to Anthony’s adventurous side.

Abby, Owner And Office Manager
Travis, Sr. Remodeling Manager

Travis, Sr. Remodeling Manager

Travis began working on construction projects with his father as a kid and discovered a passion for building. He initially began his career as a maintenance technician at a casino, however, he always desired more.

During his time working on smaller side projects, he met Anthony, with whom he formed a strong friendship that eventually led to his employment at KCBR. Travis enjoys collaborating with the entire team on all aspects of the job and appreciates the opportunity to share his knowledge with others.

In his free time, Travis loves to spend time with his family, being outdoors, and barbecuing.

Dana – Remodeling Manager

Dana brings 45 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the KCBR Design | Remodel team. She has worked in nearly every aspect of the industry, including furnishing, space planning, kitchen and bath design, and construction project management.

Dana studied interior design in Lucerne, Switzerland and completed her graduate degree with a private design school in Kansas City.

Dana enjoys the process of seeing a project develop, from the initial stages to the ultimate satisfaction of clients when they see their plan come to fruition. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening and spending time with her friends and her 2 dogs Baleigh and Buddy.

Dana, Remodeling Manager

Teresa, Finance Manager

Teresa most enjoys the problem solving aspect of her role in Finance and helping identify best practices to foster client, employee, and vendor relationships.

She has been with KCBR for over 5 years and has loved watching them grow from a handful of employees to 23 plus. When she is not working, Teresa enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, walking, cycling, and playing Pickleball!

Megan, Project Coordinator

Megan started out in the industry working for Briggs in Omaha, NE. Although she had no knowledge in the field, she managed to reach a management position and eventually moved to Kansas City to open and take charge of a showroom.

Megan brought her nearly 20 years of experience to the KCBR team in 2022. She is passionate about assisting our clients, collaborating with her KCBR colleagues, and contributing to the expansion of KCBR.

She enjoys spending time with her family during her leisure hours, going to her son’s baseball games, watching movies and crafting.

Megan, Project Coordinator
Katy, Administrative Coordinator

Katy, Administrative Coordinator

Katy began her career in the construction industry here at KCBR but is no newcomer to our field. Having a mother, a stepfather and a brother who have either worked in or are currently still in the industry.

Katy values the ability to enjoy her work while providing assistance to both clients and teammates. She loves working closely with Abby and Anthony on exciting projects and is passionate about contributing to the growth of KCBR.

In her free time, Katy enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, as well as her dog, Walter. She is a passionate Chiefs fan and enjoys traveling to new places around the world.

Kennedy, Designer

Kennedy’s passion for design dates back to her childhood. Drawing inspiration from art, fashion and architecture, Kennedy went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in fine arts in Interior Design.

Kennedy loves that every day and every client is unique and that she has the opportunity to explore all kinds of design options through our clients, not just her personal preferences. She loves creating spaces that reflect our clients’ personalities and make them feel a part of the home.

In her free time, she enjoys the simple pleasures of life, such as being outdoors in harmony with nature, discovering new eateries, museums, cooking and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Kennedy, Designer
Brianna, Designer

Brianna, Designer

Brianna’s passion for interior design was evident from the day she graduated with her bachelor’s degree. After completing her studies, she started an internship at an indoor plumbing showroom where she made a lot of industry connections and connections that eventually led her here at KCBR.

Brianna loves collaborating with clients and designing functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. She loves the challenge of design and the creative problem-solving that comes with it. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her three children and crafting.

Shelley, Designer

Shelley’s passion for design and architecture began when she was a child working with her father at a construction company in Kansas City. She went on to study art and design in college, but for the initial period of her career, she primarily worked in the marketing and fundraising fields.

After completing design and construction projects on her own home, she decided to shift her career focus full time to interior design. Shelley loves working with clients and helping them create a functional and stylish home that reflects their personality and style. She also enjoys working with others who share her enthusiasm for design.

In her free time Shelley enjoys spending time with her family, painting, reading, exercising and walks with the dog, beach vacations, the occasional game of tennis or golf.

Shelley, Designer

Sarah, Designer

Sarah has had a passion for interior design from a young age. She was known to repaint and redecorate her room frequently, growing up. She went on to study art and design in college, working as an art director and marketing project manager through the years.

After designing and working through several remodeling projects in her own home, she decided to shift her career focus full time to interior design. Sarah enjoys working with clients to design spaces that both function well and create a sense of harmony and balance. She loves using texture and color in her designs.

In her free time Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, baking, reading and walks with the dog. She also loves to travel!

Allison, Design Coordinator

Allison started her career in the industry with KCBR, and she appreciates the opportunity to learn and grow in our industry.

She’s proud to be part of the KCBR team and to be able to make a difference in each project.

When she’s not working, Allison likes to hang out with her family, podcasting, and creating art.



Brandon enjoys being hands on every day and loves the ability to build on his skills at KCBR. Outside of KCBR, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.



Ethan specializes on the finishing side and has great attention to detail. His favorite part about what he does is being able to give our clients the finished outcome they have been anticipating. Outside of KCBR, Ethan enjoys spending quality time with his family and working on his home improvement projects. 



Dave enjoys being able to work on many different types of projects that are all unique and has many years of experience as an electrician. Outside of work, Dave enjoys coaching youth and high school sports especially his son’s baseball team, and spending quality team with his big family. He is also a big Broncos fan which we all give him trouble for around here!



Brad loves taking somebody’s idea or dream and raw material, and turning it into their reality. Whether it’s creating a beautiful hall bathroom, or a full basement or bringing someone’s dream home to life, he finds that seeing a project come together is incredibly fulfilling. Outside of work, Brad enjoys playing disc golf, and plays on a couple of softball teams. Anything I can be competitive in and do outdoors, I enjoy doing.



Dalton loves being part of the KCBR team and finds the most rewarding part is to see the fruits of his labor when creating spaces for our clients and getting the project set up for success from day one on site. In his spare time Dalton enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with his friends and family.



Dylan appreciates the culture at KCBR and values learning from each team member’s unique contributions. In his spare time Dylan enjoys playing softball and bowling with friends.



Zane’s favorite part of working at KCBR is being able to take a space that our clients are unhappy with in their home and turning it into something they truly love. In his free time, Zane loves tinkering with cars, skateboarding, and spending time with his fiancé and dog.



Cody’s favorite part of his job is the people he works with; he also enjoys that there is always something to be working on and finds motivation to continue to grow his knowledge and skills. In his down time, Cody is an avid soccer fan and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.



Caleb loves working hard every day and bringing pleasure to our clients with the spaces he helps to create. In his spare time Caleb loves to ride motor cross and spending quality time with his wife and children.

ryan l

Skilled Craftsman Carpenter

His journey began over 9 years ago balancing house framing side jobs with his role in fiber optics engineering. Passionate about his craft, Ryan finds joy in hands-on work and seeing projects come together seamlessly. Off the clock, you’ll find him strumming tunes with his wife, perfecting his grilling game, and tackling exciting home projects.


Remodeling Specialist

Chris’s interest in construction and carpentry began at a young age. With over four years of experience as a handyman, he’s expanding his skills in remodeling trades. Chris loves making houses feel like homes for families, bringing their dreams to life. Outside of work, you’ll find him at the gym, where he’s dedicated to weight training and personal growth.


Remodeling Specialist

Cooper found his passion for residential remodeling shortly after graduating high school. He loves creating spaces that bring value and happiness to clients. Outside of work, Cooper enjoys woodworking and wood carving, where he channels his creativity and craftsmanship into making beautiful and functional pieces.

ryan g

Sr. Remodeling Specialist

With several years of experience in construction, Ryan’s passion for creating stunning living spaces led him to specialize in high-quality residential remodeling. What he loves most about his job is bringing smiles to customers’ faces by adding unique lighting touches they never knew they needed. Outside of work, you’ll find him soaking up quality time with his son, hitting the gym daily, and cruising on his Harley Davidson whenever the weather allows.


Remodeling Specialist

Tom brings creativity and passion to every project and got started with a background in graphic design. Tom turned his passion for design and transitioned into the remodeling industry. What he enjoys most is seeing the happiness on homeowners’ faces when their visions become reality. Outside of work, he cherishes time with his wife and two wonderful children, embracing the joys of family life.



 James appreciates that he is not limited to just plumbing and is able to help out in all aspects of a project. In his down time, you will find James spending time with his family and friends.