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Shawnee Remodeling Company

Shawnee is a sprawling city filled with beautiful homes, many of which KCBR Design | Remodel has helped to update. We have been offering innovative remodeling solutions for Shawnee residents for years and have many satisfied clients who can attest to that.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Shawnee Bathroom Remodeling

KCBR Design | Remodel has been serving the Kansas City area and surrounds for over eight years, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a local business that supports other local vendors and contractors. We are familiar with the Kansas market and up-to-date on design trends.

There are numerous remodeling companies in the Shawnee area, so we are proud to be the go-to company for bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeling. We have built a reputation for good service, and most of our business in the Shawnee area comes from word-of-mouth referrals.

Whether you need cabinet re-facing or a full bathroom demolition and renovation, our in-house design and construction team can help. KCBR Design | Remodel is certified, insured, and highly rated, which enables us to deliver on our promises and create a smooth and transparent client experience.

KCBR Design | Remodel is built on trust and honesty, and we will never try to up-sell you or ask you to stretch your budget unnecessarily.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Bathroom Renovation Contractor near Shawnee

Your bathroom serves a very basic function, but that doesn’t mean it should look basic. When you update or expand your bathroom, it adds to the value of your Shawnee home. Because KCBR Design | Remodel is a full-service business, we can merge your ideas with concepts that will be functional and cost-effective. We use local materials that we trust, but we will also present plenty of options to you with their pros and cons so you can choose the material you are most comfortable with.

We work to finish the bathroom quickly because we know having an ongoing remodel in your home is an inconvenience. Shawnee bathroom remodels usually take 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the scope of work. Although we work quickly to finish bathroom remodels, we don’t leave anything to chance, and our work is of the highest quality. A bathroom has plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling in a small space. So we ensure everything is done correctly to ensure your family’s safety.

KCBR Design | Remodel is also one of the only Shawnee remodeling companies offering different bathroom wall coverings, such as faux and fine finishes, rustic wood, or paint techniques. We are also among the few remodeling companies that can do commercial and residential bathroom remodels.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Shawnee Kitchen Remodeling

Shawnee is a quaint, family-friendly place that offers affordable housing to its residents. But sometimes affordable housing lacks personalization and character, which is where KCBR Design | Remodel comes in. So we can help you transform your kitchen from a generic space into one that your family can enjoy.

Your kitchen should be functional, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be beautiful and inviting. Our in-house design team can talk with you about cabinet colors, countertop materials, and fixtures that complement the style of your home. Our construction crew has the expertise to open up and transform the space.

KCBR Design | Remodel can create a stunning kitchen regardless of your budget. Our designers can offer creative solutions to get the finished look within your price range. This could mean updating details like countertops and cabinetry rather than undertaking a complete kitchen remodel.

If you want a magazine-perfect kitchen on a budget, KCBR Design | Remodel is the remodeling company for you. We are client-centered at each stage of the process and have your best interests at heart.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Basement Remodeling in Shawnee

Shawnee basement remodeling projects are one of our favorites because they reflect each client’s personal style.

A basement is usually an underrated, underutilized area of the home which is unfortunate because it adds value to your property. Not only does it offer your family extra square footage, but it is a high ROI project that can increase the resale value of your home.

You can transform your Shawnee home’s basement into a

  • Family room
  • Library
  • Extra bedroom
  • Office
  • Hobby area
  • Movie room
  • Kids room
  • Home gym

Because KCBR Design | Remodel is a full-service company, we can get projects finished quicker using our efficient internal processes. That means that we can complete a Shawnee basement remodeling project in 5 to 12 weeks, depending on the scope of work.

We also have the expertise to overcome basement remodels challenges, such as moisture damage, unfinished walls, and low ceilings. If you have a tricky basement space that you want to make the most of, KCBR Design | Remodel designers and construction crew are happy to help.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Does Your Shawnee Home Need an Update?

Whether you need a full kitchen, basement, or bathroom remodel or would like to tackle a couple of minor projects instead, KCBR Design | Remodel has the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goal.

If you want to learn more about our services in the Shawnee area, contact us for a free one-hour consultation and home evaluation.

“Your Project, Our Passion”