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Basement Remodeling Kansas City

Basement remodeling helps you add value and square footage to your home. Turn underutilized space into a beautiful and functional area.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling is one of the easiest ways to increase the square footage of your home. It is a great ROI project because it adds to the value of your property. 

At KCBR Design | Remodel, we love helping clients with basement remodels because they are easy to personalize, and you can create a space your family needs. 

Quite a few factors go into a basement remodel that differs from an upstairs renovation, so you definitely want an experienced and professional team to handle the job.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

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What is a Basement Remodel?

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Basement remodeling allows you to turn underutilized prime real estate in your home into a usable value-added space.

There are so many ways to use your basement, but here are a few we suggest at KCBR Design | Remodel.

  • Family room
  • Bar 
  • Extra bedroom 
  • Library 
  • Office 
  • Hobby area 
  • Movie room 
  • Kids’ play space

So often, basements are dark spaces filled with junk that families collect over time. But with clever design, they can be light, bright, functional rooms that the whole family can enjoy.

A basement remodel can cost more than other renovation projects because of the square footage involved. Still, our designers and construction crew help our clients stay on budget while delivering the basement of their dreams.

KCBR Design | Remodel's Process

After your initial phone call with a KCBR Design | Remodel team member, we will schedule a one-hour free consultation to discuss your basement remodel details. This meeting happens within two weeks of your initial phone call. 

Our designers need to know your expectations and goals to help you create the best space possible. We put our creative talent to the test with basements because they are unique spaces to customize. 

For example, you can add a stairwell, banister, and even widened doorways. But the ceiling options are limited because you work with the existing ceiling. That means you have to get creative about using the existing framework, which is why drop ceilings are so popular. 

Recessed lighting also works better in a basement because it doesn’t interfere with your headroom. Lighting is also crucial in the basement because natural light is limited. 

Once you have decided on a design you are happy with, construction will begin. Construction takes between 5 and 12 weeks, depending on your scope of work.

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Benefits of Using KCBR Design | Remodel for Your Basement Remodel

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KCBR Design | Remodel is known for its amazing client experience, which is the biggest benefit of working with us on your basement remodel. 

We are a full-service design and construction company, meaning we can do most of the project in-house. That means our design team can take your ideas and help you fine-tune them while the construction team makes them a reality. 

We are also a local business and have found local contractors and vendors whose values align with ours. That means that we deliver quality products at a lower price point.

Communication is vital to our remodeling process, and you will know what is happening with your project at each stage. For example, you will have a project manager for your basement remodel and access to Buildertrend, our online communication portal. In addition, you will receive daily check-ins, and our in-house communication is stellar. In addition, the design team talks to the construction crew to ensure the project is on budget and schedule. 

Choose a Local, Trustworthy Company

A basement remodel offers specific problems, so you want a professional and experienced company onboard.

Here are some ways an experienced company like KCBR Design | Remodel makes a difference in your basement remodeling process.

  • Heating and cooling are a problem in a basement space, so we always recommend baseboard heating.
  • We assess the space for existing water issues such as leaks or mold.
  • We acquire the necessary permits and organize mandatory inspections.
  • We install a vapor barrier to help with moisture accumulation.
  • We can improve the appearance of wavy unfinished walls using wooden slats or metal strips.
  • We use the correct materials because regular fasteners don’t work with the block and brick in basement walls.

KCBR Design | Remodel is a company that cares about our client’s comfort. We are in your space for extended periods and want you to feel comfortable through the process. This means we communicate which team members will be on-site each day and what to expect. We also have the knowledge and resources to overcome any challenges that inevitably occur during a remodeling project.

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Basement Remodeling Made Easy With KCBR Design | Remodel

If your basement needs some love and you want to update the space to make it more user-friendly for your family, we would love to help. 

KCBR Design | Remodel has worked in the Kansas City area and surrounds for over eight years. We love providing value-driven remodeling projects to the local community. 

So, if you want to learn more about our process and services, email or call us for a free consultation. 

Our Family Helping Yours

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Anthony and Abby Myers started KCBR Design | Remodel to help other Kansas City homeowners. While other Kansas City remodeling companies focus on growth and sales, we wanted to create a company that focused on client experience and company culture which deliver quality results time after time.

Anthony and Abby Myers started KCBR Design | Remodel to help other Kansas City homeowners. While other Kansas City remodeling companies focus on growth and sales, KCBR is focused on client experience and company culture, which deliver quality results time after time.

"The KCBR Way": Our Team

We have a passionate team of high skilled employees that have learned the KCBR Design | Remodel way and enjoy what they do. Our team shows up on time, is professional, has the skills needed for the job ahead, planners, and pays attention to detail. Our clients feel confident knowing they have our talented and trustworthy team to get the job done right and bring their vision to life.

We have a passionate team of highly skilled professionals who have learned the “The KCBR Way” and truly enjoy what they do. Our team will be on time, prepared, professional, pay attention to detail. Our clients feel confident knowing our talented and trustworthy team will get the job done right and bring their vision to life.

“Your Project, Our Passion”

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