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Closet Remodeling Kansas City

A well-designed closet is functional and stylish. It should look great, even with the doors open. A closet designed by Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling will have a place for everything – from shirts and pants, to long dresses and coats, and even shoes! Give us a call today for your Kansas City closet remodeling project!

Closets are usually small spaces, so they require lots of planning to make sure the shelving, drawers and racks fit like they should. If you are renovating your home and would like to have a bigger closet, request an evaluation so that we can tell you if you have any extra space for expansion. Or, if you have an extra room you’d like to turn into a walk-in closet, we can give you hundreds of ideas for a space that large!

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Reach-in Closets

Reach-in closets are typically pretty small, but that doesn’t mean your options are limited. A reach-in closet such as one in a foyer or hallway or in a child’s bedroom can use a combination of wire and wooden shelves to create lots of extra space while keeping everything tidy and easy to find.

For a great-looking reach-in closet, Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling can install special touches to make it functional and stylish. For example, a sliding barn door, frosted French doors or funky curtains can give a boring reach-in closet an unexpected touch.

Walk-in Closets

Walk-in closets are even more fun to design, because there are so many possibilities. You can opt for a clean, minimal style that is strictly purpose driven, or you can walk in to the world of boutique-style closets, which include lots of lavish touches, some of which include crown molding, a comfy seating area, cellarets for him, and jewelry organizers for her.

Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling can remodel a closet to fit any personal style preferences and needs that you have.

For example, we would design a masculine walk-in closet to have classic colors and wood cabinets, possibly cherry for a really dignified look. A feminine design, on the other hand, might include white cabinetry with gold accents.

For one thing, they need to make the most of their space. In kids’ rooms, for example, the closet isn’t just for clothes. It’s also for toys, movies and games. Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling can help you maximize your closet space with closet remodeling!

Design considerations are something else all closet remodeling projects share. You can keep the design scheme simple with one type of shelving, or you can mix and match to make it reflect all your personal preferences.

Lighting is another issue in closet remodeling. Some closets may get plenty of light from an adjacent room, but others will need their own lighting solutions. Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling can offer lighting options that will work for your specific closet, not generic ones that we’d suggest for anyone and any room.

Laundry cabinets are a good idea for any type closets. Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling can give you a built-in laundry cabinet to keep dirty clothes where they go!
Call us today about closet remodeling services!

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